Lotus Flower Meaning

Pink Lotus Flower Meaning

Find out about the meanings of the Pink Lotus flower.

The pink lotus flower is perhaps one of the most celebrated flowers that there is. It is considered sacred, and it is associated within the highest realms of Buddhism, with the Buddha himself, many kings, and the highest deity often depicted with this plant.

The scientific name for the genus of lotus is Nelumbo, and the plant serves many uses, in addition to being associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, wrote is representative of creation, enlightenment, and purity; it is all a well-known source of food.

Indeed, in ancient Greek mythology Homer in his book the Odyssey describes how Ulysses visits the land of the lotus eaters.

The plant has many purposes, and can be used to make tea; its seeds can be eaten, as indeed can their tubers. Plants of the genus Nymphaea are also considered to be lotus, even though they are scientifically classified as water lilies.

Pink Lotus Flower
The Exquisite Pink Lotus.

Pink Lotus Flower and Buddhism

In Buddhism different colors of flowers have different symbolism is and meanings, for example the blue Lotus is associated with spiritual freedom, whereas the red lotus symbolizes love and compassion. However, it is the pink lotus flower that is considered to be the supreme lotus; the true locus of the Buddha.

One of the reasons that lotus flowers are considered so sacred is due to their daily cycle, they emerge slowly from dirty, muddy ponds over a period of a few days, and open all in the morning, and close their petals in the late afternoon. Despite, emerging from such a muddy and dirty environment, the lotus flower remains clean; and not only this it is beautiful.

Many civilizations have therefore associated the lotus flower with rebirth and especially in Buddhism with purity.

The state that the pink lotus flower is in is also representative of the state that a person is going through and the flower represents ones heart; when the flower is a just a bud it is synonymous with a closed in person who is yet to step up other way of spirituality.

lotus flower heart
A Pink Lotus Flower Opening Up It's Heart To The World.

As a flower blooms it comes to represent a place in opening up to all that is around them. The fully opened pink lotus flower represents a full sense of enlightenment and somebody who has reached Nirvana.

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